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Has your vehicle taken the correct route?’

‘How much time will it take to reach the customer location?’

‘Is your vehicle moving within the geographical boundaries assigned to it?’

These are few of the many challenging questions that are faced by the enterprises while they pound upon real-time monitoring of vehicles assigned to field force / sales staff. To monitor, track and manage the routine day-to-day movement of the vehicles is a challenge that is faced by enterprises which can be minimized by implementing a robust and comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

VTS, owing to its tightly integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking feature comes up as an ideal solution, since all field related activities are monitored and tracked through GPS and immediately sent to the management for further monitoring. This GPS vehicle tracking system can be deployed on GPS enabled mobile device which will send GPS co-ordinates to the server on regular basis. GPS comes up as the most modern technology for far and distant objects to be in touch with the base and for transferring real time data. With a bunch of salient features and benefits under its umbrella, it is most suitable for identifying, locating and managing commercially used vehicles and other assets on a map in real-time.

This trendy system works with software which is accessed from a mobile device. There is a central server situated, which looks after fleet monitoring along with its devices. Routes are defined through this application and the data transmission is done through GPRS signals. These signals, in a Vehicle Tracking System, work in all areas, be it metros or rural areas. The information that is passed through the signals can be analysed and monitored at the central hub and various reports can be generated.

With plentiful profits associated, Vehicle Tracking System is a necessity in enterprises, be it delivering minute, petty objects like groceries or giants like public transport etc. With its existence, enterprises are sure to gain advantage in a multitude of functionalities drilling out best of results with ease and simplicity. The fleet size is never a matter of concern, be it ten or ten thousand – it is sure to give client increased productivity and profitability.

  • The vehicle is installed with a Set up box
  • This set top box sends continuous GPS signals via Satellite
  • The signals are captured via Internet connectivity
  • Information is then passed to back office computers, laptops, mobile devices
  • This instantly facilitates information gathering and monitoring
  • It provides uninterrupted availability of real-time information
  • Guaranteed safety and security of fleet vehicles
  • Improved client service owing to appropriate delivery and superior quality
  • Absolute visibility on the fleet and positioning drivers timely to keep an eye on them easily
  • Lessening inoperative time
  • Optimization of driver routes and removal of out-of-the-way routes
  • Stable monitoring and awareness of the location of the vehicles round the clock
  • Most favourable routing for swifter delivery and response time
  • Drop in fuel utilization
  • Simple vehicle maintenance
  • Enhanced security to vehicles lessening chances of theft of vehicles
  • Utilization of data to lessen functioning expenses and boost productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction